Worst Date Ever Blog Contest

Inspired by this post from the lovely Shannon, I am announcing the Restaurant Refugee First Annual Worst Date Ever Blog Contest.



First Prize – $100 Gift Certificate to Cashion’s Eat Place*, a bottle of wine from my personal wine cellar, and assurance that the winner will have the best table in the house.


Second Prize – a bottle of 1996 Cuvee Doyard Champagne from my cellar.



First prize is a gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants in DC, however the contest is open to bloggers anywhere.  If the first place winner is not located in the DC region, an alternate prize of comparable value – to be determined by the Judges Committee – will be selected.


To avoid the appearance of impropriety, bloggers with whom I have a personal relationship (I have met you more than once) are not eligible.  Good news for the bloggers I have met is that you will be invited to the Judges Committee and Judging Party at my place.  All other Judges will be as anonymous as they wish to be.


As my blog is anonymous, I may discover the blog of someone I know in real life through the course of this contest.  Should that occur I will recuse myself from judging that person’s entry.


Bloggers who derive a full-time income from their sites are not eligible.


Group Blogs are eligible to enter as a group or once per member of the group.


One entry per person – honor system for those of you who anonymously host multiple blogs.


Evaluation of Entries

All Submissions will be evaluated based on two factors: overall suckitude of the date, and the quality of the post.  Each factor will be scored on a scale of 0 to 20.  The scores of each judge will be averaged to determine the final score for each submission.


The 10 highest scoring submissions will make it to the Semi-Final Round.  All semi-finalists will be further evaluated at the Judging Party and winners announced at its conclusion – or whenever the judges return to sobriety following the Party.


Contest Dates

Contest Entries must be posted on Contestant Blog’s no later than 11:59pm on 19 August 2008.

Semi-finalists will be announced on this site Friday, 22 August 2008.

Winners will be announced on Monday, 25 August 2008


To Enter

To enter this contest either enter a comment in this post, or send me an email at restaurantrefugee@gmail.com.  When the submission entry has been posted, send me an email that contains a link and it will be forwarded to the other members of the Judging Committee.


Older Blog posts may be entered as well – just email the link.



My blog, my contest, my cash, my wine – rules may change as circumstances dictate.


Contest Progress

I have added a Worst Date Contest Page to keep all contestant submissions in one place.


* Cashion’s allows corkage so combined with the bottle of wine first prize should cover dinner for two (not including the tip.)

16 Responses to Worst Date Ever Blog Contest

  1. Red says:

    Are we limited to only one entry? I have some posts I could re-post as additional entries.

    One entry per person. Submissions need not be new posts. If you wish to enter an older post, just email me the link.

  2. freckledk says:

    Great idea!

    Finally, being judgemental pays off!

  3. zipcode says:

    Can I enter?

    Of Course.

  4. I’m sorry but those dates were bad enough to live through. Why the heck would I want to revisit the debacle and permanently capture it with words?

    Oh right. I’m Jewish. And my people love getting shit for free. Looks like I’ll have to craft a piece about that tiny peckered fuckwit after all. Oy.

  5. freckledk says:

    I’m still trying to figure out if I’ve met you more than *once*.

    Without going into detail, let’s just say that you are eligible for the contest.

  6. freckledk says:

    I usually have good dates, so this one may not have been as bad as I think it was:


  7. Tina says:

    I’m in – post for my worst date is here:

  8. […] post info By Red Categories: dudes If you haven’t heard Restaurant Refugee is hosting a contest… “A Worst Date Ever Blog Contest“. […]

  9. JordanBaker says:

    Oooh. . .I’m going to have to do some digging back to when I actually wrote about dates. . .

  10. Lisa says:

    Ugh. I read this yesterday and since then have been wondering if I really want to dig back through some of those craptacular ones. And then how to pick the worst of them? Not sure…

    With apologies to the Dead Poets Society…
    Draw a graph with an X and y axis. Label the X axis craptacular, and the Y well written. Plot the points on the graph for each story. Calculate the surface area of each arc. The largest area is the one you submit.

  11. washwords says:

    oooh this is good. this is really good. but which to pick. oooh, i think i know. stay tuned. 🙂

  12. Megan says:

    😦 I don’t blog therefore I can’t enter…I have a good one though… if you’d just like to hear about it for sheer entertainment value.

  13. Brett says:

    Here’s my post about a chef on a cocaine trip: http://ladybrettg.blogspot.com/2008/01/youre-chef-not-rockstar.html

    Got it this morning, I just haven’t had a chance to update the contestants page.

  14. […] Date Blog Contest Winners Remember way back in the summer when I announced the Worst Date Blog Contest?  No, I didn’t quite forget about it, my life just took some sideways turns that prevented me […]

  15. […] Mating. Waiting. Kristin of Candy Sandwich is the Second Place winner of the Worst Date Blog Contest and a blogger whose work I enjoy immensely.  It is with great pleasure that I present her guest […]

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